• Manufacturing and production

    Manufacturing and production

    Technical punched and stamped bent parts

  • Our Products & Services

    Our Products & Services

    Precision and quality in metal and plastic

Know How - Reliability - Accuracy

Our product range includes essentially precision punching and bending parts, plastic injection molding parts and precision mechanical assembly components. We supply our products with international customers from electrical and automotive industries as well as manufacturers of measuring instruments in the field of pressure, temperature and level.

Hotline:  +49 8652 977280 

E-Mail: info@cb-feinmechanik.de

Constructive: the company

CB Feinmechanik concentrates its strength and resources on the production of precision engineering components and system assemblies. As a specialist in metal and plastics processing, we offer a comprehensive, market-relevant range of services. From consulting to design maturity to the quality product.



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